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Part A: Introduction of the design task and themes

Theme 1: Instructional design

  • Start: Teachers as designers and other contemporary ideas
  • Lecture: Dr. Essi Vuopala: scripting

Theme 2: Technology

  • Lecture: Technology choices
  • Some demonstrations

Theme 3: Evaluation & assesment

  • Next workshop



Part B: Q & A -session between the groups and literature task.

Q & A session: (10min) (coffee?)

discussions between challenge creators and learning designers.

Reading task (in your groups)

1. Read these papers (at least first one):

Goodyear, P., & Dimitriadis, Y. (2013). In medias res: reframing design for learning. Research in Learning Technology, 21.

Dimitriadis, Y., & Goodyear, P. (2013). Forward-oriented design for learning: illustrating the approach. Research in Learning Technology, 21.

2. Discuss about the content:

How they describe learning design? What kind of other thoughs raised during learning it? What kind of design phases / components you can transfer from the papers to your group's design work?





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