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Status update

as title says (smile)

TPACK as design deliverable


Content knowledge: What is your knowledge surrounding the subject matter?

  • What is the content and how does it look for your level of learner?
  • What concepts are within and relate to what you are teaching/designing?
  • What ideas and theories are tied to what you are "teaching"?

Section: content description and example

Pedagogical knowledge: How will your students come to understand the content?

  • How do your students learn best?
  • What are your learner needs?
  • What pedagogical strategy/script(design) is the best fit?
  • What ideas and theories are tied to what you are designing

Section: pedagogical design (script) w description

Technological knowledge: What tool(s) will you  select to support your learning?

  • What resources do you have access to?
  • Does the technology support your pedagogical strategy? How does it support?
  • What affordances does tool(s) provide?

Section: Socio-technical design script w description

PART B: Elaborated design challenge, context for TPACk design


Image from EDtS514 Wikidpaces.



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