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In order to put pieces together, I did decide that we create shared online newspaper (smile)


Each group will create 2-3 pages of content to newspaper. Create "magazine" style description of your project. 

  • Design challenge with theoretical references
  • Design solution + TPACK (socio-technical design)


Publishing platform what we will use is Lucidpress. Lucidpres is easy-to-use online publishing platform which can be used for semi-professional purposes.

Possible content:

  • Text (extensive font collection)
  • Hyperlinks (external and internal) ie. you can link e.g. www content
  • Embedded video (Youtube and Vimeo)
  • Image galleries or indiv. images
  • etc.

Let's collaborate:

Use this link:

Your task is to add at least 2-3 pages to our shared newspaper

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