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Course design (slideset from feb-march)

Presentation of your designs

Last preparations & fill project information ~ 1h

Do last edits before presentations

Fill details conerning on your project: (scientific deliverable, newspaper part, technology demonstrator)

Links is here: Projects

Prepare to be opponent (smile)  ~1h

  • Because we have only three (3) groups, you all are supposed to be opponents to others (smile)
  • Read carefully what other groups have done (individually)
  • Discuss in groups about other groups's contributions: 
    • What would you like to thank other groups for`?
    • What would you like to be developed further?
    • What was your the overall impression?

Presentation + discussion: (30min per /presentation+demo + 10min of discussion)

  • Each group will present / demonstrate their design
  • Two other groups will be opponents (smile)

Assesment (grade yourself and your peers (smile))

Final deadline for your deliverables 10.5

Final deadline for final versions of your final deliverables (for assesment) is 10.5



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